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About Reign Corporate & Intellectual Property Services Ltd.


At REIGN Corporate & Intellectual Property Services Ltd. we are of the firm view that a robust intellectual property regime is essential to a vibrant and progressive economy in Belize. We are therefore passionate for and committed to enhancing and expediting the management and protection of intellectual property in Belize and abroad through the provision of competent, accurate, reliable and excellent intellectual property services.

Our team includes our Intellectual Property Practitioner and former Deputy Registrar (Ag.) of the Belize Intellectual Property Office, Mrs. Koreen Flowers, and Attorneys-at-Law Mrs. Deshawn Arzu Torres and Andrea McSweaney-Mckoy, also of Mckoy Torres LLP, Attorneys-at-Law practicing in Intellectual Property, Corporate Law and Civil Litigation, among other areas.

Our team is highly experienced in, and competently provides a full range of intellectual property services, such as the due diligence and application requirements, classification/identification of goods and services, research, advice, and legal representation before the Registrar and the Courts in Opposition proceedings and contentious intellectual property disputes generally.

Our commitment is to competently manage the changing legal and regulatory requirements and continuously deliver competent, accurate, reliable and excellent corporate and intellectual property services to our clients.


Mrs. Koreen Flowers

Intellectual Property Practitioner

Koreen has over 16 years’ experience in the field of Intellectual Property Law garnered during her service to the Government of Belize as Sr. Assistant Registrar and Deputy Registrar (Ag.) of the Belize Intellectual Property Office (BELIPO) since its inception in July of 2001.

While at BELIPO, Koreen worked directly with the examination for registration as well as the substantive processing of all trademarks, patents, and industrial design applications, and provided many other intellectual property services including classification/identification of goods and services, translation of marks, advising on similarity and identical marks received, and inventiveness of patents; and assisted with Opposition proceedings before the Deputy Registrar. Over the years, she has been privileged to receive much training in the processing, examination and management of IP applications from several other Intellectual Property Offices, namely, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), the United Kingdom Patent and Trademarks Office (UKIPO), the Norwegian Intellectual Property Office (NIPO), the European Patent Office (EPO), and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). These training areas include: “The Management of Techniques in the Delivery of IP services” (CIPO);

Koreen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law with an emphasis in Trademark Law in which she submitted her Thesis entitled “Analysis of the Implementation of the Trademarks Law Provisions of the Paris Convention”. She also successfully completed a two-year course in “The Specialization of Intellectual Property Law” offered jointly by the University of South Africa (UNISA) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO); a Certificate in Paralegal Studies from the University of Belize, as well as a Certificate in Competition Law from UNISA.


With her knowledge and experience, Koreen was privileged to give several training lectures and presentations on Intellectual Property Rights to the business and public sectors and universities in Belize. These include training on Classification/Identification of Goods and Services provided to the staff of the BELIPO, lawyers, IP practitioners, and their assistants. Koreen has also trained personnel from at least three other Intellectual Property Offices in the Caribbean, in the processing of trademark applications.

Now retired from the BELIPO, and equipped with her qualifications and wealth of experience, is seizing with great enthusiasm the opportunity to serve Intellectual Property owners a full range of intellectual property services in trademark, patent, copyright, and industrial design applications through REIGN Corporate & Intellectual Property Services Ltd. REIGN’s vision is to enhance and expedite the process for the protection of IP rights in Belize by ensuring that applications fully comply with the relevant requirements before they are forwarded to BELIPO and can be processed without delay.

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